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TF Holiday Party Dressing Guide: Festive Fashion

Walk into any mall these days, and the spirit of the holidays is alive and well. Dressing for the holiday-party circuit can be tricky, and finding that balance between fabulously-festive and a total-fashion-failure can be tough. How do you know what is too much and what is not enough? During the holidays, you are really given the opportunity to do a little dazzling, adding festive twists to your usual get up. We’re not suggesting to throw on an ‘ugly sweater’ necessarily, unless the party specifically calls for that. It’s best to find ‘festive’ in fabrics and accessories, rather than in tacky trends. Spend your hard earned dollars by investing in pieces that you’ll be able to wear well through 2017. With that in mind, we compiled our fav looks featuring the best holiday trends that can carry you through all winter long, donned by some of our favourite #styleinspiration celebrities. We hope this gets you feeling festive!

Rich, textured fabrics
Take your look to the next level by layering in interesting fabrications, like velvet, tulle, feather, fur, leather and lace.

Sparkle and shine
Nothing feels more holiday inspired than a little twinkle. Add some sequins, metallics, and hardware to bring some holiday magic to your ensemble.

Eye-catching Colour
Colour is the most surefire way to make a statement. Lately you’ve likely been wearing darker outfits featuring lots of black and darker neutrals. Opt instead for pops of jewel tones and striking winter whites to make a statement.

Play off these trends and see how you can mix them together, or work them in as statements in your wardrobe collection this holiday season.