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TF Holiday Party Dressing Guide: Casual/Casual-Dressy #StyleInspiration

We’ve got your #StyleInspiration here for casual dressing this holiday season. Featuring two of our go-to designers for everyday-wear, and outline the reasons beyond the fashion that make these two of the best brands to invest in for your casual wear looks.

In the above gallery, you’ll see the effortlessly chic and comfortable Eileen Fisher — the perfect label for all your casual-wear this holiday season, and in your everyday life. Here’s a few reasons why we love this brand for more than just its comfortable fit and fashionable look.

  • MADE IN USA Today 97% of garments sold in the US are made elsewhere; EF produces 20% in New York and Los Angeles.
  • ORGANIC FIBERS EF supports clean air, clean water and a healthy environment for workers and wildlife.
  • SUSTAINABLE FIBERS The collection features natural, recycled and high-tech fibers.
  • CERTIFIED DYEING Pure fibers that either skip the dyes or rely on natural ingredients such as petals, leaves and bark.
  • UNDYED & NATURAL DYES Dyed without hazardous chemicals–for color without compromise.
  • FAIR TRADE Higher wages and investments in local communities – not business as usual.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS EF works to support the people who work for them.
  • ARTISANAL EF seeks artisans around the world to handcraft one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • SUPPLY CHAIN The farms, factories and faces behind all EF clothing does not compromise on ethics.
  • GREEN EILEEN is their recycling initiative. Giving clothes a sustainable afterlife.
  • SIGNATURE FABRICS all EF clothes depend on fabrics that are loved and trusted.

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-7-26-00-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-20-at-7-26-31-pmFor everyday wear with an edge, we look to Marc Cain.  Hailing since 1970’s from Germany, where the philosophy is and always has been that the collection is the STAR the show, Marc Cain produces wearable and on-trend pieces season after season.
We love Marc Cain because we know when we buy from this designer, it has been made with the world and its people in mind. Product is made and manufactured 100% in Europe, using heat recovery, photo-voltaic systems, plastic store crates, EV charging stations, and is FSC certified. That means when you shop Marc Cain, you’re getting a well made product by a company who’s proven to sustain itself in the ever-changing world of fashion, and works to sustain its practices for the sake of our environment.

Remember: Keeping it casual doesn’t mean sloppy. Stay sophisticated, comfortable, and effortlessly chic no matter what the dress-code is. Find the right investment pieces from labels you love that you will be able to wear again and again.
Happy Shopping!