Neutral Ground: The Art of Dressing in Neutrals

While this season’s colour trends have vibrant hit makers, the real winner is the subtle colours that show themselves in hints throughout every season, but wearing them tone-on-tone to make a statement. There is no more elegant and expensive looking way to dress than in apparel and accessories in compositions of tone-on-tone dressing. When chosen well to flatter your skin tone, these neutral hues are among the most sophisticated in any wardrobe. That’s right, fifty shades of grey just got a whole lot sexier. Add a little sand into the mix and you’re sure to master your style this season. Whether you opt for greys or beiges, these complex colors are both featured prominently in fashion this season in different variations. In this post, we will take you through how to choose the best colour for you, how to wear and pair it, and we’ll give you some style inspiration from some of our designers, as well as from one of the most notable style celebrities right now.

So which is the best colour for you? First you need to identify whether or not your tone is ‘warm’ (with yellow  or peach undertones), or ‘cool’ (with pink or blue undertones) or a combination. Those with a warmer skin tone should opt for a warm color. Colours in the beige family, including camel, yellow gold, burnt sienna — will look best on someone who has warm skin tones and hair with blonde or red tones. Grey is on the other hand, can vary, but is usually best suited for those with a cooler skin tone, especially when it has a blue (cool) hue to it.