The Perfect Pair: Denim

Denim is arguably the most versatile of all fabrics and is one of the most worn of all fabrics. It originated as an icon of utilitarian industrious America; jeans are as ‘American’ as Coca Cola and Bubble Gum. Since the 1960’s denim has grown from its popular use for practicality and comfort, and become a key player in the fashion industry. There are so many ways to wear denim now, and this natural fibre has properties that you just can’t get in synthetic fabrics. Now companies use peculiar treatments and find unique ways to wear and pair jeans with any sense of style. From classic and clean looks to dirty and vintage, no matter what you choose, jeans are timeless. So how do you find that perfect pair for you? It really depends a lot on your personal preference, as well as what will best suite your shape. So where to begin?

First examine your closet, what are your needs? A classic blue jean is a staple in every woman’s closet, year round. Building your closet staples is key. After that, its all a matter of what you want, destroyed denim has been a hot trend for many years, with many more new and exciting ways to treat denim emerging in fashion year after year. Come check out our collection in store for some of your fav denim designers, like AG Jeans.

Everyone needs a great pair of denim in their closet. So now that you’ve examined your needs: fashionability, practicality, what have you — we need next to look at what will suit your body best. Check back later this week for details on which pair of denim is perfect for your body type.