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TF Holiday Party Dressing #StyleInspiration: Business Casual/Business Formal


We’ve cracked the dress code for office holiday party dressing this week. To review, the most important thing is to know the venue, and dress according to setting and time of day. Now let’s focus on the DO’s and DON’Ts of style at your office party this holiday season.

While it may seem like an ‘anything goes’ event, it’s important to remember that a certain kind of office dress code still remains. So take into account what the rules are at your work and don’t break those. No matter what environment you work in, there are a few things that everyone should adhere to. Firstly, never wear clothes that are too revealing. Do not wear a cleavage baring ensemble, sheer clothing, or anything that is too short or too tight. Keep the skin to a minimum. And secondly, do not choose attire that is too casual. Sneakers, and jeans are not appropriate for an elegant office party, unless otherwise specified. Thirdly, you should always opt for colours and patterns that aren’t too attention seeking. Avoid things like animal print or neon colours, and opt for. Darker seasonal colors, subtle prints and dressy fabrics are the way to go, take some #styleinspiration from Riani (top). Also make sure that your hair a16614_algan_0112_blooks tidy and go for a classic but natural makeup look. You want to still look like your usual self, just a more prepped and polished version of it.

a16605_tabari_11952You definitely don’t want to mess up by being the ‘girl dressed inappropriately’. It’s not that you’re going to lose your job over a fashion faux pas, but your reputation is always on the line. You also might be mixing and mingling with people you don’t usually in your everyday work week. Visual impressions are everything, and you want yours to represent who you are and who you want to be within your organization. Show some persona and earn some style snaps with an interesting but elegant Marie Saint Pierre dress (left/right). When people talk about you, you want it to be about your personality and professionalism. You don’t want to be the girl who got really drunk in the slip. Those kind of impressions are hard to erase, and follow you forever. Dress to impress. Always.

If you’re not going home in between spending the day at work and your social function, don’t bring a uk%2fwomens%2faccessories%2fbags%2flovie-woven-satin-clutch-bag-oxblood%2fxa6w_lovie_41-oxblood_1-jpgfull-on second-look. Instead, try something that you can quickly and effortlessly take from day to night. For example, you might have on a black dress; you’re going to change your shoes, add some jewelry, and change from a tote to a clutch, like this gorgeous woven Ted Baker with tassel detail (right) . Style Star the-10-piece-olivia-palermo-winter-capsule-wardrobe-1967112-1478532871-640x0cOlivia Palermo (left) is our inspiration from taking a very work appropriate look and making it work for day and night. Then take your daytime makeup from a lip gloss to a red lip, add a little mascara, and throw your hair up into a simple but polished ‘do. It shows you did get ready, you’re not just ‘showing up’. Putting effort into your overall ensemble shows you care. And if you don’t look like you care about yourself, what will you care about? Remember, that visual impression means just as much as what you say and how you act at work events.

Look good, feel good, do good.